Go to Amazon: right now, go on, go on….

And get Madsen Pirie\’s new book 101 Great Philosophers.

It\’s something of a follow up to his book \”How to Win Every Argument\” which of course has a hallowed place on every bloggers bookshelf. Essential for divining which logical fallacies are being committed by which Guardian column.

Find out more about Great Philosophers here.

101 Great Philosophers is a concise and accessible guide to 101 of the greatest minds that contributed to the legacy of western philosophy. From the ancient Greeks to present-day thinkers, Madsen Pirie employs concise entries, each limited to about 400 words, to give an overview of the contribution made by 101 key philosophers to the development of this fascinating subject. The author deliberately takes a broad view, including some from other disciplines who also have changed the way we think about ourselves, our society or our world. This book provides a sparkling insight into the lives and times of each philosopher covered – explaining just why what they had to say was so innovative and important. Essential reading for anyone coming new to the subject, or for those wishing to broaden their knowledge of our intellectual heritage, this book is an indispensable introduction to the most important ideas in the history of western thought.

The real aim is that a politician or two might pick it up and thus be able to access a few thousand years of human thought: and thus perhaps stop making the damn stupid mistakes that were pointed out in 450 BC or whatever.

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