Gordon Brown writes

Five months ago, world leaders came together and agreed a unique response to the unprecedented challenges of the global economic crisis.

United in our determination for a co-ordinated programme of measures to ease the worldwide recession, a historic deal was signed by countries representing two thirds of the planet\’s population.

Forget the content for a moment and look rather at the style. Clunky, complex, boring, reeling of a list of details but little or no inspiration. If it\’s by a ghostwriter then they\’re very good indeed for they\’ve managed to capture the essence of the man (and I write here as someone who has ghosted just such articles for others).

Sadly, so I\’m told by one of the editorial peeps on one national newspaper, Brown actually does write these things himself. Slightly worrying really: both that he spends the time which some tax paid flunky could relieve him of the burden of and that the output is so poor.

4 thoughts on “Gordon Brown writes”

  1. Saw that and having read a few of them before I couldn`t face it . Too many tedious platitides and duff stats have been waded though and really whats the point.

  2. Gordon Brown serves, at the least, in one important station: that of proving the validity — in its most extreme sense, and for all time — of the Peter Principle.

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