Gosh, this sounds bad

Calls were growing last night for firm action to be taken over a dozen terror suspects named on a UN list of individuals with links to al Qaeda who are still living freely in the UK – many at the taxpayer\’s expense.

What\’s up then?

Individuals are placed on the list on the basis of evidence about their links with al Qaeda or the Taliban submitted by members states of the United Nations. Once their inclusion has been endorsed by the UN Security Council, banking and treasury officials in the individual\’s country of residence are instructed to freeze their financial assets.

Oh, right, so any random dictatorship or totalitarian shitehole can simply add a name to the list and then the bloke gets fucked over with no trial and no evidence, is that it?

So, what\’s the reaction of our usually spineless rulers then?

A spokesman for the Home Office said: \”These individuals are here legally. If they breach any laws they will be prosecuted. We cannot comment on any security operations regarding individuals.\”

Good lord, they\’re actually acting both rationally and according to the principles of natural justice (and our own long cherished rules of the legal system)?

Well done chaps and chappesses, and that\’s not something you often see on this blog. Makes you proud to be British.

We don\’t knick someone\’s money just on the  say so of any old Johnny Foreigner. Our legal system only takes the word of Europeans on that sort of thing.

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