How odd

After graduating, Negar changed sex under Iran\’s Islamic laws which deem transsexuals religiously permissible, in contrast to the blanket ban on homosexuality, which is considered a sin.

Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other country apart from Thailand after the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, spiritual leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution, issued a religious fatwa approving the practice, which has government funding.

Slightly weird that the place which will hang someone for being gay has one of the most liberal sex change laws.

6 thoughts on “How odd”

  1. From an anthropological standpoint, the fact that a society in which is expressed the most extreme exemplar of a fundamentally psychotic religion should have the most anomalous adjuncts should not be altogether surprising. That much concentrated lunacy is bound to seep out in unforeseeable ways.

  2. Or is it similar to Alan Turin: instead of just being given female hormones they go the whole hog and “offer” you a sex change.

  3. Good point Kit.

    That sack of poison Simon Heffer writes in the Telegraph today on Alan Turing. It’s not just Iran that has batshit mad mullahs: if Heffer ever came to power we’d all feel the touch of the lash.

  4. Nope: I’m with Heffer on this one. Brown’s faux apology raised the taste of bile in my mouth, as do all such stunts (and I write as one who venerates Turing and think that his treatment was wicked beyond belief). The problem is one of agency. Brown was an infant when Alan Turing killed himself. He has no standing in the matter. Who the hell does he think he is? It is an absurd presumption on his part to intrude himself, but that is of a part with this appalling man. Had I been the victim of the worst injustice, yet would I disdain an ‘apology’ from the mouth of Gordon Brown, especially had he been, as in this case, in no wise connected with the original injustice itself.

  5. Although a specific explanation might well be that when you have a series of largely irrational laws handed down from High, they are not supposed to make sense. They are supposed to be obeyed. So if the rules say that sex changes are fine, then they are fine. The Christian, that is Roman Catholic, tradition is strongly influenced by Greek and Roman philosophy, especially the concept of natural law. So all of God’s commands should fit into a seemless and logical whole. Jewish and Muslim law has not been so influenced and so does not. If you do not understand the law, it does not matter. The point is to obey it.

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