Jeremy Seabrook

A quite wondrous article.

Capitalism works, in so far as it does on its own terms, because it is clear eyed about what motivates humans a lot of the time. Greed and indolence (along with those dashings of altrusim etc).

So, in order to make sure that capitalism doesn\’t work, once and for all, we need to make sure that human beings are no longer driven by greed and indolence.

Good luck with that Jerry.

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  1. Cooperation is taken as a given. Trade is nothing if it is not about voluntary cooperation.

    Some of it can, however, just about function without trust. You just can’t extend credit etc etc. If neither party trusts the other, you can still do the trade, but your flexibility is reduced (because you both have to operate on COD and you probably have to come armed to the bargain etc), plus transaction costs are higher (more time checking merchandise before the transaction completes), but trust is not needed at the outset, BEFORE the transaction occurs.

    Rather, trust emerges and is built on successful transactions. Free Markets encourage and foster trust and cooperation, not the other way round.

    Order, however, I will give you. If you are extremely fearful for your safety, you’ll might not ever engage in trade because you’ll be afraid of being mugged after any deal has been done.

  2. See the Austrian Economists.

    The important point is not that greed is inevitable. It is that different aims and ends are inevitable. If everyone in the world were altrustic and wanted what was best for some set of others then Socialism would still not work. Because, each of those individuals would have a different view of who they should be altrusitic towards and to what degree. Even if they didn’t they would have different ideas about cause and effect, about what exactly is necessary to meet an end.

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