Muphry\’s Law strikes again!


France\’s new education minister has become a national laughing stock after he handed out a document on how to tackle poor spelling which was full of mistakes.

Muphry\’s points out that any attempt to correct the spelling or grammar of another piece will contain further errors of spelling or grammar of greater magnitude than the original.

Works in French as well as English.

2 thoughts on “Muphry\’s Law strikes again!”

  1. “These include dropping the “ne” between pronoun and verb, such as: “J’écoute mais je tiens pas compte”. (I listen but I don’t take account). It should be: “Je NE tiens pas compte.” In March, he told factory workers: “Si y en a que ça les démange d’augmenter les impôts…” A cockney equivalent might be: “If there’s anybody ‘ere that’s itching to put up taxes…””

    All nonsense. He was speaking colloquially (hardly surprising on the factory floor). These aren’t “mistakes”, they are casual spoken French as she is spoke. It’s like saying that using ‘cos instead of “because” is a sign of lack of knowledge.

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