New phrase

Yes, like this one:

When something has crossed the parody horizon, it becomes impossible to parody (that, of course, is a common idiom) for the simple reason that any parody would be indistinguishable from the original.

Similar to \”jumping the shark\” perhaps.

\”Polly has crossed the parody horizon\”….yes, works for me.

6 thoughts on “New phrase”

  1. If “parody horizon” is like an “event horizon” in physics (something to do with black holes), then presumably there is also such a concept as “parody singularity”, which would be the technical term for something which is identical to a parody of itself.

    And which is, presumably, zero-dimensional and impossible to escape.

  2. One one considers an iterative series, there is a term in mathematics that is appropriate: the radius of convergence. This is the idea that, given a sequence of iterates, if the initial value is not too far away from a point (the radius) then it will converge to that point. If one considered Polly’s articles in this sense, little sense could be derived. We had the unlikely (and somewhat gorge-raising) imagery of strapping G. Brown Esq. sweeping in like a Caledonian warrior and giving poor maidenly Pol the rogering of her life (call this the Braveheart phase). Then we had the second act: the disillusionment as la Toynbee realises she’s married a fuckwit (the Edward Albee/Ken Loach phase). Now we have the third act: Polly needs a new Lothario to shiver her gusset. Who will it be? Andy Burnham? John Cruddas? Hugo Chávez? Some utter NuLabour spastic you couldn’t pick out of a police line-up with three tries? This is the Judd Apatow gross-out comedy-of-errors phase (except without the feel-good ending). In essence, Polly is a strange attractor (at which point, further elucidation would be superfluous).

    There might be a central region of stupidity where common sense goes to zero and its inverse, Toynbeeist lunacy, goes to infinity but thus far the crafty old bird has charted a course that swoops around it without ever actually crash-landing. If Stuntman Dave truly puts Gordon’s Myrmidons to the sword then we may see a blow-up of cosmic proportions. I’ll buy the popcorn.

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