Now this really is a surprise!

Three generations of women in Suzanne Celensu’s lineage have been crowned beauty queens.

Fancy that. Looks are inherited.

Amazing what you can find out in the Mail. They\’ll be talking about that nice Mr. Darwin soon enough, you mark my words.

1 thought on “Now this really is a surprise!”

  1. Don`t fancy yours much Tim and I dread to think what semi digested social and human evolutionary theory is bouncing around in your head.
    Mind you its an interesting subject. Michael Johnson pointed out at the World Championships that is was now impossible that a white man would ever win a y of the sprints and increasingly unlikely that the African hold on Middle distance would be interrupted .
    He said it would take careful handling if the white teams no longer had a stake but he was opening a can of jolly worms with that candid remark.

    The second my father discovered my wife was black ( or was going to be at that point ) he started wondering if we could except a wing three quarter with a bit more pace than we had thus far managed .

    We`ll see , they do look pretty sharp ….oh dear back to para 1

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