Oh dear

Yes, you know what she means*, but it\’s not good news from the front of the war between Guardian journalists and statistical understanding really:

A comprehensive analysis last year found that two-thirds of the population pulled in less than the national average of £24,907,

* 2/3 get less than the mean average….not median.

3 thoughts on “Oh dear”

  1. Does she say median – or maybe its been corrected as i don’t see it now? If not average in normal speak means the mean, not the median.

  2. Yes this figure is highly misleading as people tend to think of wages as wages earnt by mid career bread winners working full time .In the South add “In the South with Southern property prices “.
    It includes trainees newbies , second jobs part time jobs second incomes Indian Summer jobs , mums returning jobs and the whole diversity of employment. It means little to the household income which is the proper figure but I `ll tell you one thing…

    When Labour talk about only the top half of wage earners suffering look at what they mean . Above £24k

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