Oh for fuck\’s sake

There has to be an easy way of moving a file of email addresses from one gmail account to another.

There must be.

Using \”export\” in gmail (with Firefox) leads to the creation of \”google.csv\” which is terribly exciting but no damn use as the computer then says that file does not exist. No, you (or perhaps I) cannot say where that file should be saved so that you can find it.

This should be easy for fuck\’s sake. I have full access to both accounts, the one where the email address file is and the one where I want it to be.

\”Help\” of course does not help as it is telling me that \”things will happen\” which don\’t then happen (like, you will be able to choose where the file is saved: no, I can\’t).

What is the bit that the idiot geeks have forgotten to tell me because they assumed everyone already knew?

7 thoughts on “Oh for fuck\’s sake”

  1. On Firefox go to menu Tools | Options…
    The Main tab should have a section called Downloads which should show you where files are saved to by default. (I use Firefox 3.5, but I don’t think this was different on 3.0.)

    When I export GMail contacts, this is where they end up.

  2. Can’t you just tell the new gmail account to copy all the addresses from the other one? When I first set up gmail (three or four years ago) it said “Would you like to import all your addresses?” and I clicked “Yes” and it just sort-of-did-it.

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