On Michelle\’s vegetable garden

Some praise her dress sense, others her warmth, and others celebrate her as a powerful role model; but perhaps the most astute move of America\’s first lady was to plough up the White House lawn for a vegetable garden. Now she has her first harvest, with 225lb of food grown so far, and over 50 varieties of vegetables.

Somehow, ploughing up some of the most expensive land in the world (seriously, what do you think it would cost to buy part of the White House lawn?) and using some of the most expensive labour in the world (seriously, how much would it cost to hire the First Lady for an hour or two? No, not for that, but to open a charity, raise money for something perhaps: or if you cannot hire her, at least, how much would her time be worth?) to raise $500 worth of vegetables just doesn\’t sound like a solution to the problems of the world.

7 thoughts on “On Michelle\’s vegetable garden”

  1. “…perhaps the most astute move of America’s first lady was to plough up the White House lawn…”

    With those arms, she probably pulled the plow personally…

  2. Seems OK to me: it’s her lawn (for the moment) and if she enjoys growing vegetables then that’s her choice.

    Of course, there’s a particularly horrible sanctimonious lefty who then advocates that this is the way of life we should all adopt, and that our stubborn refusal to adopt it means that the state must step in and impose it on “society”. At that point, the best solution is to shoot all the lefties (I’m getting worried about myself because after 12 years of New Labour I’m starting to empathise with Franco).

  3. “seriously, what do you think it would cost to buy part of the White House lawn? ”

    But the alternatives aren’t “grow veg or sell the garden” they’re “grow veg or do nothing with the garden”. And I doubt she’s getting her own hands particularly grubby either. Not literally, anyway. It’s a gesture, certainly, but at least she’s doing something vaguely useful, which is a damn sight more than her husband’s doing.

  4. President Baldrick Insane Obama, The White House,
    Washington D.C.,
    The World.

    Sir, your wife grows vegetables whereas you are a vegetable.

    Yours aye,

    The Rt. Hon. Dr James Gordon Brown PM, MP, loony.

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