On Norman Borlaug

Excuse me, but can we go and shoot these green fuckers now please?

In the 1980s, the \”Green Revolution\” spread to China, which is now the world\’s biggest food producer, but by the time Borlaug began to turn his energies to Africa, where Malthusian mass starvation was still a plausible threat, a backlash had set in. Notwithstanding the fact that Borlaug\’s initial efforts in a few African nations yielded the same rapid increases in food production as did his efforts on the Indian subcontinent, environmental lobbyists persuaded Borlaug\’s backers in the Ford Foundation and the World Bank to back off from most African agriculture projects. The Rockefeller Foundation too backed away partly because it was shifting toward an emphasis on biotechnological agricultural research. Borlaug, once an honoured presence at international symposia, began to feel like a pariah.

The opposition to Borlaug\’s intensive farming methods was exacerbated by the negative publicity surrounding genetic engineering. Borlaug\’s work was not, properly speaking, in genetic modification. He used so-called natural methods of plant breeding and was wary of the monopolistic agenda of big agribusiness.

We know how to feed Africa, just as Borlaug worked out how to feed Latin America, the sub-Continent and China. But those cunts weebling about \”industrial agriculture\” have stopped anyone from actually applying those methods we already know about thus perpetuating the human misery for at least a generation.

Come on, time to line them up and open fire. Bastards.

Bonus Borlaug point:

He was also a member of the American Wrestling Hall of Fame.

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