On signed first editions

There\’s an old little jokette that of Edward Heath\’s book, \”Sailing, a course of my life\” that it is the unsigned first editions which are worth more than the signed. For he spent so much time tramping the bookshops of the country that there are many fewer without his scribble.

On seeing a copy this afternoon in hte local book swap I had a look. Yes, first edition, yes signed.

I assume it is therefore worth nothing although the €3 I paid for it is probably worth having on the book shelf for the joke….

So, that was correct then:


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Sailing: A Course of My Life (Signed by Author) (ISBN: 028398225X / 0-283-98225-X)
Heath, Edward

Bookseller: corinne1300
(Suffolk, Sff, United Kingdom)
Bookseller Rating: \"5-star
Price: US$ 11.65
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Quantity Available: 1
Shipping Within United Kingdom:
US$ 5.41
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1 thought on “On signed first editions”

  1. The only problem with the joke is surely a signed copy is valuable not simply because it is rare, but because it is signed by someone famous? If I sign 20 books out of a print run of 30, I’m not sure it makes the other 10 more valuable.

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