On the changes at The Telegraph

There\’s a way of getting hits to your blog. Simply look at Google Trends and then write about whatever it is that seems to be interesting people. I\’ve been known to do this myself elsewhere.

It would appear that Ben Leach at The Telegraph is doing exactly that.

Within hours of the new \’Googlle\’ logo going live, \”why is Google spelt wrong\” and \”why does Google have two ls\” were two of the most popular search phrases on the web.

Those two phrases were indeed high in the list at Google Trends yesterday afternoon.

By putting those two phrases at the beginning of the article it would appear in the Google News listings and it would garner hits. Not a huge number, some thousands to perhaps a couple of tens of thousands for this particular set of phrases.

In fact, looking at the Telegraph on most days it\’s possible to see their writers employing exactly this tactic. As I say, I recognise it simply because I\’ve been known to do it myself. Just slightly odd to see a newspaper doing it….

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