On the Guernsey Parliament

The Crown dependency\’s ancient and autonomous parliament, the States of Guernsey, failed six out of six tests of good governance set out by the Wales Audit Office, which was commissioned to conduct the review.

Inspectors found that the island\’s elected chamber had no clear direction, lacked accountability, was unable to address concerns about the conduct of its staff and lacked clear leadership.

The report, which was commissioned by the parliament itself, has led to urgent calls for root and branch reform of the island\’s entire political system.

Only one speculation….what would be the result of such an investigation into the Welsh Assembley….or even the Scottish, Westminster or EU Parliaments?

I certainly think it unlikely that the last two would let invite some outside body to study them in this manner.

3 thoughts on “On the Guernsey Parliament”

  1. Isn’t Guernsey the governing authority for the island of Brecqou, or whatever the Barclay brothers fief in that neck of the woods is called?

  2. A review of the so-called parliaments of Jersey and the Isle of Sham would probably result in even worse reports.

    Close these tax havens down, they are a liability to society and designed solely so that the rich can become even richer – along with the islands corrupt governments.

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