One reason for marriage

He has already been married to Thobile Vilakazi for 12 years and has 11 children, but did not specify who their mothers are.

\”I want her to be happy,\” he said of Ms Vilakazi, who was given a golden wristwatch at Saturday\’s ceremony. \”I think getting married to her for the second time would make her happy since I will be taking in three other wives so this will relieve her in some way.\”

\”relieve her\”?

1 thought on “One reason for marriage”

  1. Good luck to those foolish oldsters and their newly registered free love commune…they will need it — especially the women will find it’s heartbreaking(and somewhat lonely), and the man will find that in their copious free time, the ladies will sample other men (who have time for them) whilst he is bankrolling their daily lives.

    However… can we please not term this type of arrangement ‘marriage’?

    Call it a partnership, a mating, a harem or whatever, but… it’s not a marriage at all — a marriage consists of two people who have freely chosen each other because they fell in love, who have equal rights and responsibilities and who have committed the rest of their lives to each other.

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