Polly does make one snigger

OK, so let\’s have PR then:

The Vote for a Change coalition for proportional representation makes the crucial link between the scandal and the need for a Westminster clearout: safe seats for life create a culture of complacency and corruption.

Righty ho, so, what form of PR does Polly favour?

or change to the alternative vote (AV) plus a top-up list

And of course the top up list will be dominated by those who have a seat for life. Just as the same system provides such in the Scottish Parliament and so on.

Arguing for a system which embeds exactly the problem you identify as being the problem with the current one is, umm, well, snigger worthy, no?

4 thoughts on “Polly does make one snigger”

  1. It is a bit ridiculous. If you are in favour of PR (as I am) then only STV really ticks most of the boxes (which is much like how it works).

  2. She doesn’t make me snigger. She makes me wish extremely unpleasant eventualities on her wizened countenance. Toxic old witch.

  3. List seats are not safe seats, especially when there are only a small number of top-up seats. The government may not get any at all. The list seats are a consolation prize for the losers, to make sure we have an effective opposition, which we most assuredly do not under winner-take-all voting.

  4. It’s funny how many people discover a fondness for PR when they realise that their party is going to lose under the FPTP system.

    Personally I’m against PR simply because it further isolates the political class from the people it claims to represent.

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