Polly today

If he were wholeheartedly aiming to capture angry Labour voters with nowhere else to go, then his flags would be redder and there would be no boasting of savage cuts. He would be storming Labour citadels and summoning angry Labour voters to his cause. His flag would be an economic policy that didn\’t parrot the dangerous current group-think that declares debt must be paid down fast and furiously by whatever next government.

Apparently, because Labour is going down the tubes because it has been spending the money like a drunken sailor on shore leave, the Lib Dems should promise to spend  the money like two drunken sailors on shore leave.

That\’ll win them the election, oh yes it will!

5 thoughts on “Polly today”

  1. Tim,

    Why can’t I log to the UKIP blog in using my WordPress username?


    Tweet #votenoireland.

    Pacto Olisipiensis Censenda Est.

    Tim adds: I have no idea, sorry. Not running it any more. No longer working for the party (I was only ever going to be there until the euro-elections) although still of course a member.

  2. As I always say about drunken sailors, their saving grace is at least they’re spending their own fucking money. Polly’s advocating the spending policy of the highwayman.

  3. Is Labour going down the tubes because it’s been spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave? I’m pretty sceptical that’s the case – more like “we’re sick of the people”, “there’s a recession”, “Cameron isn’t a terrifying loony like his predecessor”.

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