Quick Paypal question

So, can people reverse a payment made to my Paypal account?

In more detail: someone offered to pay me for something. Great. Deal done, they pay me. They pay me twice.

Then they email to ask for the overpayment back.

Hmm…now this starts to smell a little of a standard scam. Ask for the overpayment back and then reverse the transactions entirely, leaving me out of pocket.

This has been done with bank accounts, cheques, bankers drafts and the like innumerable times. However, for it to work from the scammer\’s side it requires that the transaction with Paypal can be reversed.

So, does anyone know, is it actually possible for someone who has paid in money to my account (it is marked \”completed\”) to reverse that transaction? On Paypal that is?

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  1. I’m not sure. Certainly a chargeback from your credit card to PayPal is possible. What PayPal then do I don’t know.

  2. If they can reverse a transaction, why not reverse the second payment? If it was a scam, why the initial overpayment, why not just reverse the initial payment?

    Assume for a moment that Paypal works like a bank account. That it is possible for them to reverse a payment. So I pay them the overpayment and then they reverse both payments. That’s how the scam works with bank accounts.

    For example, maybe they used a stolen credit card to make the payment (which will be reversed), but my repayment of the overpayment goes into another account?

  3. Yes, they can reverse the payment as it sits in paypals “holding pen” for about 45 days in case your widgets never get delivere.

    Wait 45 days before it is approved by paypal and then you can send it back.

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