Rock and roll bagpipes

Trolling though YouTube in the background while doing a boring job I found this.

Yes, rock and roll bagpipes. There\’s even a bagpipe/guitar double solo.

They really were on the booze those lads, weren\’t they?

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  1. When I saw the post title, my first thought was that song. Possible the only hard rock song with bagpipes (I don’t count “Mull of Kintyre” as hard rock for these purposes).

  2. The clip was filmed on Swanston St, Melbourne. The clip itself is an Australian icon and was voted the best ever Australian video clip. The bagpipes were played by the Rats of Tobruk Pipe Band!

  3. Well, yeah, AC/DC used bagpipes in “It’s a Long Way to the Top”. This is late-breaking news in much the same sense as Shostakovich scoring a theremin (or, for that matter, Pink Floyd using an analogue synth for Shine On You Crazy Diamond). Tim, you must get out more.

  4. Do you not remember “You’re the Voice” by John Farnham? That had a pretty good bagpipe break. And I know it’s totally non-mainstream, but Alan Stivell uses Breton and Scottish pipes in a prog-rock context.

  5. My brother plays the pipes and this would be old, old news to him. I was subjected to any number of modern pipe outfits these days – guys like the Battlefield Band, the Red Hot Chili Pipers, the Chieftains, Planxty – which also contain instruments like guitars, violin, tin whistle, drum, bass. Folk-rock and folk musicians often use slightly off the wall instruments to give their tunes colour and movement, so using bagpipes is not much of a stretch.

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