Selenium fertilizers

This is hardly new:

Britain would be healthier if wheat farms were treated with an important mineral to produce more nutritious bread, scientists have claimed.

Crops in Britain have never been altered for human health reasons in this manner, but Professor Steve McGrath, of Rothamsted Research, said that adding selenium to fertilisers would have a wide range of health benefits.

Fertilizers with added selenium have ben around for decades. They\’re used in areas where the soil doesn\’t have enough to grow healthy crops nor to provide pasture which produced healthy animals.

I\’d put the liklihood that we\’ve all eaten either crops or animals from such areas quite high: well over 50%.

Oddly, I had a conversation about a decade ago with the man who makes the stuff: there\’s one bloke that makes the Se addition which is then added to urea (one type of fertilizer) for those areas which need it. Nice to have a global monopoly if you can get it…..

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  1. Nice how they confuse milligrams and micrograms in the article, which for selenium intake is, er, kinda important…..

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