The ban on smoking in public places could reduce heart attacks by more than a third in some parts of the world, say researchers.

Two independent health reviews have found that heart attack rates dropped steeply in areas where bans have been introduced, with one reporting 36% fewer cases three years after smoke-free legislation came in.

This bollocks is going international isn\’t it?

Great gobs of howling lies being published all over the place.


8 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. A lie can go round the world before the truth has its boots on – because it was bought a first class ticket by a government-funded puritan campaign group.

  2. the people who helped bring in there dictatorship smoking ban would say anything to try and justify there actions, like make up phoney fugures.

  3. The figures given for Scotland and England have been proven to be false and even ASH admitted it. With all the obesity today, I would have thought that hearts attacks would have increased.

  4. As a social smoker I’ve an obvious motive for denying the accuracy of these statistics. Where do I find the critique of the methodology behind these studies, or more accurate figures?

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