Smeato standing for Jury Team

This promises to be fun:

John Smeaton, who was hailed as a hero during the Glasgow airport terrorist attack, is to fight the parliamentary seat vacated by former Commons Speaker Michael Martin, it was confirmed today.

The former baggage handler, who tackled a suicide bomber during an attempt to blow up a jeep at Glasgow airport in 2007, will stand as an independent candidate in the Glasgow North East byelection.

The byelection, which will happen later this year, was triggered when Martin stood down in June in the wake of the row over MPs\’ expenses.

Smeaton\’s bid to win the key seat is backed by political movement Jury Team.

Vaguely articulate chippy Glaswegian to run to replace vaguely articulate chippy Glaswegian. Plus ca change, eh?

3 thoughts on “Smeato standing for Jury Team”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Au contraire. An honest vaguely articulate chippy Glaswegian to replace a piece of criminal scum.

  2. Mr. Smeaton is not Glaswegian, but a native of Erskine. Though Glasgow might be, as we all know, the greatest city in the world, unfortunately it is not the largest.

    Chippy Glaswegian, Tim? Good grief, you’re starting to sound like Simon Heifer.

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