Telegraph subs!

You know, they might have fired too many of their sub-editors. And I say this not simply because I know two who have left:

French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, one of the staunchest proponents, has admitted he would be willing to accept an agreement that does not include bonus caps.

I rather think he elevated from the Matignon to the Elysee didn\’t he?

On the subject of limits to bankers pay I see that the deal is likely to end up as what the banks are already doing. Bonuses to be paid in shares which vest over a period of time.

Politicians get to claim a victory and markets have already beaten them to it.

How unusual.

2 thoughts on “Telegraph subs!”

  1. Not sure that I understand your enthusiasm for Bankers . If the market held sway they would be dead in the water and for a bunch of glorified clerks to get paid the silly money they have , shows there is not a lot of entry to this supposed ‘market’.
    Contrast the pay and stability of the Insurance industry which ahs been pretty solid barring AIG ( who were involved with Banks ).

  2. ” Bonuses to be paid in shares which vest over a period of time.”

    I thought I had invented that idea.

    Oh bugger…

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