The costs of smoking

One in 20 hospital admissions in England is due to smoking and treating illnesses related to the habit costs the NHS £5.2 billion a year, official statistics suggest.

Given that baccy taxes bring in around £8 billion a year the NHS is still in profit then.

Good, people are paying the external, societal, costs of their actions and enjoying themselves in the process.

No more need be done then.

7 thoughts on “The costs of smoking”

  1. You make the mistake we have all made about taxes. Taxes are income for them to spend as they see fit. See road taxes etc. and not as some balancing act.

    All they see in the outgoing.

  2. And think of the reduction in pension payouts! Because apparently all us smokers are going to live ten years less than everyone else.

    If we can somehow persuade all kids that smoking is cool – by making all cigarette packets white and not allowing them to be seen anywhere in shops, thus making them seem all the more alluring – then I reckon we could just possibly bail the country out from the financial disaster Broon’s compass has led us to.

    Light up for Britain.

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