They really are cheating, lying, corrupt, bastards, aren\’t they?

Mr Tajani stood silently by during a press conferences in which Mr O\’Leary mocked Lisbon Treaty opponents as \”numpties\”, \”numb nuts\” and \”clowns\”.

But Mr O\’Leary\’s view was very different to the one he held last October, following Ireland\’s first referendum rejection.

At the time he said: \”It seems that only in the EU, Ireland and Zimbabwe are you forced to vote twice. The vote should be respected. It is the only democratic thing to do.\”

Critics have accused him of changing his mind and launching the \”Yes\” campaign to curry favour with Brussels.

As transport commissioner, Mr Tajani plays a key role in competition rulings concerning the low-cost airlines and recently blocked a Ryanair takeover of Aer Lingus.

2 thoughts on “They really are cheating, lying, corrupt, bastards, aren\’t they?”

  1. On the takeover of the Irish airline, they’re waiting for a move from Continental, so folks can talk of flying “ContiLingus.”

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