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There\’s this for example, looking at the new proposed measures about how we measure the quality of life rather than using GDP.

It\’s for The Examiner site but they\’ve asked me to look at UK matters as well as the US celebrity fluff that I\’ve been doing.

What will be turning up there are the longer sorts of pieces that I used to do here. Entirely financially driven, by putting them there I should be able to pay the mortgage rather than earning the pin money I do here.

This blog will of course continue but will be more of a blog rather than a place for little essays and rants. US celebrity fluff will continue to be on the US site so you won\’t have to see me straining for Google positions if you don\’t want to.


That\’s the RSS feed you might want to put into your blog reader. Or you can subscribe at that page to get an email every time a new piece comes up.

I might add that by actually being able to make a little money out of this writing lark that I\’ll be able to do more of this writing lark which will of course be fun for us all.

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  1. Good luck making money. I hope you’re not going to stop pedantically spotting obvious errors of fact and gleefully jumping up and down on them, though.

    You quoted, without comment: “France, whose economic output has fallen in the decades since the end of the prosperous “trente glorieuses” (1945-1975)”.

    French GDP in 2009 is lower than in 1975? Well I’ll admit, I haven’t actually checked but…nah.

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