Very naughty

But very clever.

The director of a food company that provided pies to Fortnum & Mason has been jailed for re-packaging cheap supermarket goods and claiming that they were organic.

Neil Stansfield, 51, bought stock from Tesco and Waitrose several times a day and sold it at twice the original price in new packaging, recording annual sales of up to £2.5 million.

His firm Onefood — the One standing for “Organic, Natural and Ethical” — sold a £20 Waitrose salmon for £51 while pork pies bought from a local butcher for £1.30 were sold for £2.50.

Stansfield, who also traded as Swaddles Organic in Daventry, Northampton, regularly told his staff to dispose of supermarket wrapping from the pies and chickens.

Organic really does taste so wonderfully different, doesn\’t it?

6 thoughts on “Very naughty”

  1. Jailed??? What for?

    Does the “organic” label have that much clout behind it? If I infringe someone’s brand, don’t they have to sue me, rather than getting the Crown to do it for them?

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