Want some political corruption?

We\’ve got your political corruption right here:

GORDON BROWN was this weekend plunged into a “cash for seats” row, with the revelation that Labour agreed to give a union baron a safe seat — as the party received a £1m donation.

A senior party figure has revealed that Jack Dromey, the husband of Harriet Harman, was to be installed as candidate for a seat Labour has held for 55 of the past 60 years, in an agreement with his trade union. At the same time as the deal was struck, the union gave £1m to party funds.

Peter Watt, former general secretary of the Labour party, said: “My colleagues and I felt we had an obligation to deliver the seat.”

Mr. Dromey gives £1 million, collected in fivers and tenners from his union\’s members paycheques, to Labour. In return Mr. Dromey gets a job worth, to Mr. Dromey that is, not those union members, £65 odd k a year plus another £50, 60k a year in expenses and housing.

Isn\’t that socialising the cost and privatising the profits?

Tsk, tsk.

At least Michael Ashcroft spent his own money on a seat in the legislature.

3 thoughts on “Want some political corruption?”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Still, that’s a very good return on a million quid, particularly since it’s other people’s money.

  2. The £1 million will come from the union modernisation fund which is, of course, funded by the tax payer. So don’t worry, no union members will be out of pocket with this transaction.

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