Well, yes Beatrix

I don\’t share any of Philip Blond\’s views, regarding them as much to close to Franco\’s sort of fascism to be honest, but this isn\’t one of the great critiques of our time:

Red Toryism can\’t hack it because it promotes civil society at the expense of the state.

Hmm, well, it\’s a view I suppose. That compulsion through the tyranny of the majority is better than voluntary communalism and cooperation. Not one I share, but a view, certainly.

Blond\’s Red Toryism also suffers – as does Blue Labourism – from fear and loathing of the very social movements that have reinvigorated civil society over the last five decades, not least feminism.

Eh? It fails because it doesn\’t take sufficient note of civil society, that voluntary communalism and cooperation?


On that sort of logic you\’d better get back in the kitchen and bake me a pie dear. You\’re obviously not fit to be having a conversation out here with us adults.

4 thoughts on “Well, yes Beatrix”

  1. Seeing as Beatrix Campbell OBE seriously believes that the state, in the form of the police, colludes to cover up ritual satanic abuse I’m surprised that she’s so enthusiastic about it.

  2. Ha ha , I am probably more in sympathy with the feeling behind red Torysim and the radical communitarian right than you. Its too dreamy for real Conservatives though, the stuff of poems not policy….I like to have it in the mix though and you are right Fascism is the vice of Romantic Conservatism

    I can control it man !

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