What Polly?

Best plan was a National Care Service, free homecare for the elderly with no more means testing, paid for by cutting NHS research

Eh? This is a good idea?

In the middle of a technological revolution (for that is indeed what is happening in health care) we\’re going to cut the research budget? How friggin\’ much of mortgaging the future to pay for the present do you damn well want?

And you seem also to not understand the basic economics of health care (yes, I know, there\’s a surprise).

Because health care is largely a service it will always become more expensive relative to goods and manufactures as the country gets richer (The Baumol Effect, go look it up). The only way out of this bind is to have more investment in research so that we turn the service part of health care into something manufactured.

This is what we do with pills for example: they are the mechanisation of health care for a particular complaint. We want more of this, not less.


(A fuller explanation is here.)

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