Yes, quite Boris

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has urged non-Muslims to fast for a day during Ramadan and then to break their fast at a mosque to improve their understanding of Islam.

Why not?

And we can then go on to where everyone has only one meal and no meat on Good Friday as with old Catholic tradition, six glasses of wine at Passover, a properly vegetarian meal with our observant Hindu neighbours, not tread on the ants one day with a Jain, deny the existence of God another along with Polly.

Why not?

6 thoughts on “Yes, quite Boris”

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  2. The Muslims aren’t too keen on either adultery or the procuring of abortions, so it would be interesting to see the Mayor of London being threatened with stoning at his own prayer breakfast.

  3. If we do that, then I insist we work our way through the entire list at GodChecker. We don’t want to play favourites, do we?

    …bacon, sausage and eggs for breakfast, right?

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Could we have a stoning to experience the full range of shared values with our Muslim neighbours? I mean I can think of a few likely candidates even though Jade is no longer with us. Just looking at today’s Daily Mail I see Liz Jones’ “terror” at someone shooting her mail box (it’s called living in the countryside love, get used to it) and Lily Cole, a model with a “social conscience” who, apparently, has had to come to terms with her beauty.

    And that’s just the Mail. Wait until I open the Guardian.

  5. Ah! But what happens when the Jains’ Don’t Tread On The Ants Day coincides with the Satanists’ Sacrifice A Virgin Day or the Christians’ Let’s Have A Bacon Butty Day? The dates of religious festivals are notoriously mobile, after all.

    I’m all for the spreading of confusion in pursuit of merriment but this could get out of hand.

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