Aaaargh! Noooooo!

The creatives themselves are experimenting to find new revenue models. What they want is government policy that encourages such innovation. Because if, say, a “freemium” revenue model is found to work for a UK start-up such as Playfish — which gives away online games but successfully charges for pixellated extras — then let’s find the tax breaks and the political goodwill to nurture 100 more.

No, no, they\’re succeeding precisely because government has entirely fuck all to do with them!

The most commonly expressed frustration I heard is that Britain’s games industry — bigger than film and TV combined — is off the ministerial radar.

For which you should thank your lucky stars!

Come on now, you want Harry Harperson dictating how women are to be portrayed? Ed Millipede telling you that Grand Theft Auto should reflect concerns about climate change?

For that, I\’m afraid, is what happens when an industry appears on Ministerial radars. Get on with doing what you do and hope like hell they don\’t notice.

2 thoughts on “Aaaargh! Noooooo!”

  1. Completely agreed.

    The UK has three successful ‘creative’ industries, being computer games, pop music and West End musical shows, none of which get any special tax breaks, and one complete disaster area, films, which are subsidised to death.

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