Amazing, eh?

NY Times front page.

Two-year-old Evan plays with his dads, Kevin Yoder, right, and Harvey Hurdle. From health care to family planning, life is more expensive for same-sex couples.

Amazing, truly. You mean a sexual partnership where they need to purchase gametes is going to be more expensive than one where one or other of the partners generates them for free?

Astonishing what you can find out in the newspapers.

2 thoughts on “Amazing, eh?”

  1. Doth not compute:

    “From health care to family planning, life is more expensive for same-sex couples.”

    Taking ‘family planning’ to mean the sum totality of having babies and not having babies (according to wishes), while having babies is more expensive for two blokes, lesbian couples can easily find a ‘sperm donor’ for free, and they must save oodles on the whole ‘contraception’ side of things.

  2. MW: well, yes, of course and for those that are failing to grasp the ironic tone Tim is deploying: decrying some spurious badge of ‘unfairness’ is simply kite-flying for Leftists to argue it should be rectified via nicking my money.

    I don’t have any kids (AFAIK). The means by which those who have them, acquired them, bother me not one bit*. Which particular close encounter between your genitalia and that of others pops your cork is immaterial, where I am concerned. But when you start asking me to stump up for it, then you can piss off. You want rug-rats? Pay for the little shits yourself and leave me the hell alone.

    * legally, I mean. I’m against kidnap, for example.

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