Anyone know anything about dogs?

We\’ve ended up (inevitably) with yet another animal. This time a puppy that was dumped at about three weeks old (ie, only the very first traces of teeth showing).

OK, now at 5 weeks, she\’s about 1.3 kg (just back from the vets). Of course she is a mutt, but a mutt of which various breeds we have no idea.

Is there any sort of link between a puppy\’s size at 5 weeks and final size?

7 thoughts on “Anyone know anything about dogs?”

  1. Yep, if she looks like a cute miniature carthorse right now, you might want to sell your bike and buy a cart.

  2. Dunno but when a dog is standing, run your hand down the front legs – if there’s a ‘kneecap’ bump it ain’t finished growing…

  3. A dog abandoned that early will not have socialised with other dogs. They may grow up to be very shy and uncomfortable around other dogs.

    Normally one does not separate a puppy from the litter until eight weeks to prevent problems.

    A dog website tells me this: “Puppies should not be separated from their mother and littermates
    before 8 weeks of age. Many recommend 10 weeks minimum. This is related to physical considerations such as weaning and psychological considerations such as the puppy’s readiness to leave the litter.”

    Just thought you might like to know!

  4. At some point, there’s going to be a heartwarming Peter Mayle yarn out of this that will catapult our Tim to stardom. I can feel it in my water. Probably a bit much to expect that Russell Crowe will play him in the film adaptation but you never know. Better that than Russell Brand.

    There’s also a parable about the welfare state here but I am insufficiently flint-hearted to pursue to to its logical conclusion.

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