Beating the BNP


Second, they should stop the use of cheap, unregulated foreign labour for public projects.

But, you see Mary, that\’s illegal under EU law. You\’re not allowed to discriminate between UK and EU workers.

3 thoughts on “Beating the BNP”

  1. While the poltical and media class talk about racism as if it was a crime beyond all others , most ordinary people accept that irrational prejudices of all sorts exist and that a bias towards your own people is not an unalloyed sin. They are not in other words terrified of the idea .So aside from that what is the BNP case

    That immigration is far too high despite the consistently expressed view of the population that it should be drastically reduced . Lies have been told
    That multiculturalism is a failed and in any case insulting idea. There ‘is’ an England and an ‘English people ‘ and the onus is on the incomer to adapt rather than act like an oddly inverted Raj
    That Britain is a communitarian country and not merely a scrap of land free from anyone to settle in
    That the Elite have sold out the country and exported power away to unaccountable European bureaucrats . Lies have been told
    That the social fabric that sustains the working classes has been under consistent attack by the progressive constituency a powerful class based group who have sold out decent hard working people through misguided Liberal polices ion crime , benefits society marriage and much more
    That when Brown said British jobs for the British he was lying and when Nick Griffin said it he was not

    Right , right , right right , right right .

  2. Spectacularly missing the point Bob. The fact that some people break the law is not the issue here, the issue is that a national newspaper is so ignorant of the law that they were calling for people to break it.

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