Beckham\’s beard

No, not Posh. The one on his face.

What I\’ve not seen mentioned as yet is that it falls foul of the naval rules on beards.

If you wish to be a bearded Jolly Jack Tar then you go to the Captain at the beginning of some reasonably lengthy cruise (a couple of weeks before you hit port again sort of thing) and request \”permission to stop shaving Sir\”.

Then, at the end of the agreed period for you to grow your beard it is inspected. Only if you have grown a \”full beard\” are you allowed to keep it. Scraggy messes are not allowed and it\’s back to shaving every day for you laddie.

One of the definitions of \”full beard\” is that it is indeed full: the moustache and the hair on the cheek must meet.

Beckham\’s beard does not meet this test. It is not a full beard.

Perhaps someone might point this out to him?

3 thoughts on “Beckham\’s beard”

  1. I laughed when I first saw it, but since then I’ve been warming to it. He looks quite sweet whatever he does to his face or hair! By the way, as you probably know, DB’s not in the navy, so their rules don’t actually apply to him. That might be why nobody has mentioned him breaking rules that he is not bound by! Gx

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