Bit sad for an academic to say this

The modern student existence is a far cry from the \’fleapit\’ one portrayed in the 1980s student sitcom The Young Ones and more like the spendthrift life enjoyed in Friends, according to Professor Kevin Sharpe, an expert in renaissance studies at Queen Mary, University of London.

Writing in the Times Higher Education magazine, the 60-year-old, who has toured campuses around the country, revealed he had been struck by the contrast between his own relatively frugal existence as an undergraduate at Oxford in the 1960s and modern student life.

Well of course you fool. The whole country\’s twice, three times richer than it was 50 years ago!


5 thoughts on “Bit sad for an academic to say this”

  1. three times richer! So the wealth is evenly distributed now
    It was mighty chilly in the fifties and being employed was not much better.
    $600 pound a year I had then.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I am not sure he means his words to be taken literally. I think what he means is that the younger generation of students is spoiled rotten and has way too much in the way of toys.

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