Careful there Frankie

Labour is threatening to impose a £40,000 ‘fine’ on former Army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt in revenge for defecting to the Conservatives.

Former Cabinet Minister Frank Dobson yesterday called on the Government to stop paying Sir Richard who, in line with Army custom, continues to be paid for three months after retiring in the summer.

Have you checked this with Mandy yet?

He is, after all, still getting his £80,000 a year resettlement grant from the EU…..

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  1. mind you, there are attractions in, say, placing a fine on Blair for smashing the constitution…in fact on every person who has served in this government of fools, bunglers and incompetents all the way back to 1997

  2. mind you, there are attractions in, say, placing a fine

    Oh yes. A windfall tax on lefties unjustly enriched at the public expense.

  3. Trouble is that whilst both you are undoubtedly right morally- don’t hold your breath waiting for this government to act in a moral fashion

  4. Is one of those “court of public opinion” things?

    BTW, Mandy wouldn’t lose his EU grant because he is very, very pro-EU. He’d only lose it if he criticised the EU.

  5. You think being a member of the European Commission is the same as being in the British Army?

    (In point of fact former Commissioners get resettlement grants after leaving office; Gen Dannatt has not yet left the Army and is paid at the going rate for someone of his rank even though he has no duties)

  6. exactly Mr Boothroyd – yet again a high-ranking member of the Criminal tendency demonstrates zero knowledge of contract law or basic equity. I can understand paying a former commissioner some form of stipend if it didn’t find another job…but since mandy has found another job, why the hell are Euros continuing to pay him! And it ill behoves someone like Dobson, who has been on the public tit since he was a foetus, to begrudge someone else receiving public money.

  7. Dobson was one of the more preposterous holders of high office. Promoted vastly beyond his scant intellectual capabilities, he succeeded in nothing beyond beclowning himself and bringing his post into further disrepute. He should realise that what people want from him above all is silence.

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