Caroline Bennett\’s interesting argument

Yes, certainly, those reports about the numbers trafficked into the sex trade were rubbish.

Objections to neutralised prostitution should not be discarded merely because Pentameter Two convicted nobody of trafficking.

But, you see, the major objection to neutralised prostitution was that there was such sex slavery. If those engaged are consenting adults then what reason can there possibly be for the continuing illegality?

1 thought on “Caroline Bennett\’s interesting argument”

  1. When you first reported Nick Davies’s article I seems to remember laying down a wager: If memory serves it was on the lines of: Who will bet that Pentameter Two’s complete inability to discover any human trafficking won’t be used to justify a bigger and better Pentameter Three?

    I can’t be bothered to go back and check who accepted the bet, but I know the readers here are honourable types so I’ll trust those who accepted my wager to dispatch the necessary bottle of scotch to the following address:

    The Remittance Man,
    British West Grombooliland.

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