Critique of the day

And once you\’ve accepted that Tracey is the art world\’s Chantelle or Jade Goody,

Mark Hudson.

2 thoughts on “Critique of the day”

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  2. It’s puzzling. One might have thought that a large change in “reputation” would require a large change in “information” – but what new information about Damien Hirst has been revealed here? That he’s a rubbish painter. Did anybody ever imagine that (most) conceptual artists weren’t rubbish painters? I really do not see why evidence that Damien Hirst is a rubbish painter should change anybody’s opinion of him.

    But of course, it’s not about what you can do, it’s about what you choose to do, and whether what you choose to do coincides with prevailing notions of what makes highly valued art, and he’s shocked everybody by choosing to do something he’s no good at.

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