Doesn\’t he ever think?

One Murphy R asks this question:

Might it be small really is beautiful?

It\’s in relation to this:

Mr Jonsson has already become embroiled in controversy after it emerged that KPMG Iceland had been responsible for investigating events leading up to the collapse of Glitnir, despite the fact that his son was chief executive of the bank’s largest shareholder. KPMG later resigned from the case.


It has emerged that the son of Iceland’s Attorney General is one of two CEOs at Exista, which was one of the major stakeholders in Kaupthing Bank. And all cases sent from Iceland’s special banking collapse investigation committee for prosecution have to go through the Attorney General.

Well, actually, no, in this case it isn\’t true that small is beautiful. Quite the opposite in fact, small is exactly the problem. Iceland\’s population is slightly larger than that of Kingston upon Hull. In a population of a little over 300,000, with a workforce of what, perhaps 100,00o, perhaps 150,000 adults, just about everyone is going to be someone\’s brother in law, cousin or relative of some sort, aren\’t they*?

So, no, if you want to avoid perceived conflicts of interest, small isn\’t beautiful, no, small is the problem.

Doesn\’t the man ever think?

*Hyperbole, yes, but the point stands.

4 thoughts on “Doesn\’t he ever think?”

  1. I can only conclude that is is explicable by Murphy’s anal sphincter being clamped abut his neck and cutting off the blood-flow to his head.

  2. Given the size of Dickie’s brain (walnut, at best), he would be on the side of “small is beautiful”, now wouldn’t he?

    Clearly his must be one of the most beautiful of all brains…

  3. Perhaps the Icelanders could make it all more transparent by extending their already helpful naming system. “Gunnar AttorneyGeneralsson”, for example.

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