Erm, why?

Australia’s fabled beachside life of sea, surf and sundowners overlooking the ocean is under threat from rising sea levels.

I\’m not sure that the shore moving a few feet inland is really all that much of a problem. Sure, bit of a pisser if it\’s your house that now gets wet but there will still be sea, surf, sundowners and beaches to do them all from.

2 thoughts on “Erm, why?”

  1. Observation. Coastal erosion does have a tendency to destroy beaches, making the other bits less enjoyable.

    Take, for example, Torre Abbey in Torquay–if it weren’t for the road and the defences, the entire meadow would now be flooded. As it is, at high tide there isn’t a beach. It’ll be, on average, a few feet, but in existing low level inlets, like a lot of beaches, it’ll be a lot more.

    Many beaches (like Torquay and Bournemouth), are backed up by cliff faces and similar, and thus will cease to be practically usable. And the sand’ll be underwater for the most part.

    Having said that, I’ve never been to Oz, no idea what their beaches are like, only going with what I know.

  2. 80 cm is the extreme estimate. The median forecasted rise is 30 cm at the end of this century. Suppose the beach is very flat, with a gradient of 1:100. This means the sea will cover another 30 m (~100 ft). Doesn’t seem to be a critical problem.

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