Err, Rafa?

But the underlying assumption that \”Brussels\” perpetrates indignities against Britain is false. Real power in the EU is exercised by national governments, mandated by popular election. Under EU treaties, including Lisbon, the vast majority of decisions made in \”Europe\” that have an impact on Britain, are made with British sovereign consent.

The only sneaky part of the process is that national governments indulge the illusion that power is located elsewhere – in the hands of \”faceless bureaucrats\” – to avoid scrutiny of their decisions.


But David Cameron will not be able to play that game. The point of Lisbon is to put an end to tedious tinkering at the EU decision-making process, so Europe can start making decisions.

Right, so what everyone is saying about the Lisbon Treaty is true then. It really does take away national sovereignty and replace it with decisions made by Europe.

Has to be said that that\’s an extraordinary way of trying to tell people that Lisbon doesn\’t in fact do this…..

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