Good grief

Ministers are drawing up plans for a tax raid on Britain’s banks worth hundreds of millions of pounds, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

Are there no adults left in government?

Assume that everything that is said about the banks is true. That they\’re being propped up by government money, that they don\’t have enough capital, that they\’re not lending enough and so on.

In which case of course we want them to make more profit so that they can rebuild their capital so that they can lend more and even come off the government support, yes?

So now we\’re going to tax them more?

This is the sort of policy that gets thought up over the PlayDo just before milk recess.

Please, come along now, can\’t we at least have the grown ups making policy?

3 thoughts on “Good grief”

  1. It’s worth noting the pointless symbolism of it too – if it raises “hundreds of millions of pounds” then it’s going to cover one to two DAYS of the current deficit. What do we do for the rest of the month?

  2. So lets see- the Gov handed over a bunch of money to the banks ’cause otherwise the banks might fail. a few months later Gov says the banks have way too much money, we’re gonna take some (all?) back.
    I wonder which time they were wrong?

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