The Samoans\’ community spirit and trust in each other are legendary, and they must also have trusted equally in the benevolence of the weather to build themselves houses without walls. The tsunami will have cruelly shattered that trust.

Tidal waves caused by earthquakes are weather now?

Hurrah! we\’ve found the missing link to connect tidal waves with climate change!

4 thoughts on “Gosh!”

  1. Building light, flimsy houses is pretty sensible in countries prone to earthquakes. It’s why NZ houses are little more than wooden tents.

  2. “Tidal waves caused by earthquakes are weather now?”

    Everything is connected to and caused by man-made climate changing. Everything! Didn’t you get the memo?

    It’s too hot today? Man-made climate change, innit?

    It’s too cold today? Man-made climate change, innit?

    Hit by an asteroid? Man-made climate change, innit?

    Repeat ad infinitum…

  3. That article absolutely drips with contempt for his fellow countrymen, and an entirely misplaced and oversimplistic adoration for the angelic folk of Samoa. We are drunks with flick-knives, they are gentle, honest, so much more authentic than us.

    I do hate this kind of drivel, especially when it comes from people who imagine they are giving us all the benefit of their wonderfully broad-minded and well travelled experience. They usually know sweet FA about the Britain they so carelessly disparage, yet still live in.

  4. Oh dear oh dear. Right at the time that idiot was going to press, the gentle honest Samoans were looting the wrecked buildings…

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