Gosh, thanks guys!

Doctors say hospital patients have died as a result of new restrictions on medics\’ working hours brought in by the European Union.

Aren\’t we such lucky, lucky people.

The European Working Time Directive includes hours \”on call\” in the weekly limit. As a result, doctors who used to spend a day on the wards, followed by a night on call, spend even fewer of the hours they work actually seeing patients.

The college\’s survey of almost 900 surgeons – one in eight of the UK surgical workforce – found that 64 per cent thought quality of care had worsened due to the directive, while 44 per cent thought safety was at risk.

Consultants were more likely than junior doctors to express concerns. Of more than 300 polled, 52 per cent were concerned about safety, while 72 per cent thought quality had worsened.

Among all surgeons, one in three surgeons said handover arrangements were inadequate, while one in four said they were no longer involved in all stages of patient care requiring their expertise.

Prof Black said several surgeons had reported safety incidents to the college, including those resulting in deaths, which they believed had been caused by restrictions on working hours. Many doctors were worried about reporting such cases to the authorities, in case they were scapegoated for failings beyond their control, he said.

There we were, with a system. It may have been a good or a bad system, but it was our system. Then, simply because they could, the bureaucrats decided that whatever our system was didn\’t matter. All must be the same avross a continent of 500 million people.

And so people die.

What would we do without those nice bureaucrats to tell us all what to do? Live or something?

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  1. Aiden, 64% of the people who used to “work until they dropped” believe it was safer.

    It may not be conclusive, but it’s certainly evidence.

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