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This is really rather good.

No, really, a balanced piece about the so called neo-Nazi supporting MEPs that are part of Cameron\’s group in the European Parliament.

For Zuroff, the dispute over Baltic complicity with the Nazis in the second world war is part of a broader, contemporary campaign to whitewash history by equating Soviet communism with Nazism, making Hitler and Stalin twin and equal monsters. For many Jews, the unique horror of the Holocaust makes any such attempt to liken the Nazis to the communists highly offensive.

But in eastern European countries such as Latvia, only recently recovering liberty and independence, the Third Reich\’s invasion was followed by 45 years of Soviet occupation, and tens of thousands were hauled off to Stalin\’s gulag in Siberia. For them, likening German Nazis to Russian communists seems entirely valid.

The reason to go look is that it is in The Guardian.

Seriously, balanced reporting, who would have thought it?

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  1. Why are you surprised, Tim? Guardian news reporting — facts and all that — is consistently good. Remember Ed Vulliamy and his Balkan coverage, the Aitken story, Duncan Campbell on Operation Ore, the current BAe revelations.

    As a liberal lefty, I despise much of the commentary, but I still buy the paper for the news.

  2. I remember the Aitken story. The one where the Grauniad committed forgery, yes? As a liberal lefty, you evidently don’t give a toss about ethics. Why am I not surprised?

  3. To equate anti-Sovietism with pro-Naziism is the worst sort of ‘my enemy’s enemy’ thinking. German National Socialism was despicable and made that country the enemy of all mankind. Soviet communism entailed a level of brutality that rightly earnt it the animosity of all freedom-loving peoples. It was a measure of the irredeemable wickedness of the Nazis that they came into the Baltics as conquerors rather than liberators. Had they had one single redeeming scrap of righteousness the populace would have risen up and greeted them, and would have been right to do so. But when one gang of Socialist scum fights another and you’re in the middle, I think you have the right to not venerate either of them (and there is no evidence that the targets of the risible and repellent David Milliband’s slurs have done so).

    The Nazis were filth; the Soviets were filth. A plague on both of them. What a goddamned shame we had to pick one over the other.

    As a postscript: what’s living memory? Let’s find the oldest person to whom that label applies. Then let’s ask that person the oldest person they can recall from their early, early childhood. Then let us consider the incumbent in the post of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Then let us ask ourselves the question: has there been such an individual in the two-lifetime period in question who has more disastrously and incompetently carried out his office? Milliband is older than me but he looks 23, and his capacity for offending our allies seems to come from Frank Spencer via Mr. Bean.

  4. Thank you, Chris, I was not aware of the forgery committed by the Guardian before you mentioned it. Probably because it is unworthy of note.

    The Guardian didn’t fake evidence to be presented in court; they attempted to conceal evidence sources in a clumsy charade. I agree that the Guardian should not have done it, just as Aitken should have paid his hotel bills.

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