How much poop does a dog poop?

Or, is it time to get into dog farming in Taiwan?

City officials in Taichung, which has a population of one million, said on Wednesday the environmental protection bureau would give vouchers worth 100 Taiwan dollars ($3) for every kilo of dog poo collected. In areas of the city especially affected, the reward will be for every half-kilo.

I\’ve not done the experiment but I can imagine that a large dog could produce a kilo of pooh a day. You might be able to experiment with diet and get that higher as well, lots of lovely undigestible roughage.

And I\’m absolutely certain that you can feed a dog for less than $3 a day.

Time to farm dogs then? Sell the old ones to the Koreans over the ocean?

13 thoughts on “How much poop does a dog poop?”

  1. We’re over the parody horizon here: this precise idea was presented in the wonderful little book “Great Lies to Tell Small Kids”.

  2. Between the two of them, the Fearsome Hounds of Remittance get about 0.5kg of minced Zimbabwean illegal immigrant and 1kg of biscuits per day.

    Although Mzi is usually responsible, I do take out the morning poo patrol myself from time to time and can attest to the fact that two fully grown alsatians lay about 1kg of landmines daily (where the rest goes I know not).

    Minced asylum seeker is free but the supply unreliable. When there are Zimboes about I spend approximately $1 on dog biscuits per day, maybe $1.50 when they are scarce.

    Does anyone have the address of this council in Taiwan?

  3. Same old story.
    In the 19th century, poor people collected dog poo to sell it to leather tanners. Sixpence a bucket, I think it was.
    Families fought over the streets where the rich walked their dogs.
    However, councils auctioned the right to collect horse manure – it too was valuable, and was sold to farms.

    A study in incentivisation beckons.

  4. I have a Staffie, he poops so much I have nicknamed him the “Sh*tmachine”, he costs about 1.50 euros a day to feed (plus all the leftovers) and craps at least 2 lbs of poop a day!

    Anyone want it?

  5. Cleanthes,

    Sorry to disrupt your plan to make your fortune, but nellie poo bears no resemblance to doggie doings. Even a local authority jobsworth in Taipai will notice the difference, believe me, I know – I’ve cleaned both varieties from the soles of my vellies.

  6. Terry Pratchett riffs on the attractiveness of dog turds to tanners in The Truth. Like a lot of these minor cultural asides, he’s not making it up.

    To be a bit tendentious: this is the logical sequela of Catweazle’s localism: using dogshit to tan leather because we’ve immiserated ourselves to such an extent with his utterly lunatic autarkism that there’s fuck-all else to hand. What a completely useless piss-biscuit he is.

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