Interesting argument

Instead of alienating European partners with more Euroscepticism, the Tories should adopt a positive stance and follow their own imperative of localism by arguing in favour of a Europe-wide decentralisation to the lowest possible level, including local government, communities and neighbourhoods.

So those worried about the erosion of national power and identity should destroy national power and identity entirely by handing power both down to sub-national and up to supra- national levels. Leaving nothing at all for the national level to do.

I can see the attraction to those who wish to get rid of the nation state, for sure, but I can\’t really see the attraction to those, like the Tories, who say they want to keep it.

4 thoughts on “Interesting argument”

  1. The logic is brilliant. I am surprised nobody has thought of it before. Delegate responsibility to the localist possible level of government.

    Whoops someone already has.

    That word brought to our attention back at the time of Maastrict, by one John Major. It even made the treaty. Ever since, the EU has continued to work in totally the opposite direction.

    Perhaps seeing what happened to the idea some 17 years ago, and how successful it wasn’t, the Tories have given up on the idea?

  2. The Tories can “argue in favour of” anything they want in the EU.

    And when the EU says no, that is not what it’s all about, what you are asking for is not on offer, so forget it, what do they do then?

    Practically everything call-me-Dave has said about Europe falls into this class. The things they say they want are not part of The Project, and never will be.

    God knows who they think they’re fooling.

  3. I think it’s a bit like the argument that if you’re getting raped, the best thing is to just lie back and take it in case your attacker gets angry. Yeah, you still get raped, but maybe the rapist won’t kill you.

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